July 15, 2009: Constable not obeying village rules


To The Editor:
It appears to me that the current Margaretville Village Constable does not have to obey the signs that are posted on the village streets.
1). He parks his car for extended periods of time in the handicapped zone, which is clearly marked. There are very few such spots as is, aside from those at the post office and at the supermarket, I don’t know of any others along Main Street.
2). He parks where the sign clearly states: “No Parking Here To Corner” and parks in such a way as to block the vision of drivers trying to enter Main Street from Walnut Street.
His presence may or may not be needed, that’s not for me to determine. But, his parking habits should be addressed by his supervisors, whomever they are. I’m sure I’m not the only citizen who feels this way.