Judge is ready for the challenges


To The Editor:
For almost four decades my wife, Christine, and I have lived, worked and raised our family here in Delaware County. We have committed our lives to helping others and making Delaware County a better place to live for us all. As an attorney I have always tried to protect the interests of children and promote healthy families by working in Family Court.

While others sought more lucrative areas of the law, I always devoted a substantial amount of my time to practicing in Family Court because I felt it was the right thing to do for our community. Ten years ago, when I was first elected Delaware County Judge, my experience in Family Court enabled me to step right in and preside over the Family Court’s most difficult and complex caseload without the usual problems that occur when someone new takes over. The experience I gained in Family Court made me sensitive to the need to protect people facing the power of government. I learned the importance of patience in listening to all sides in order to understand the problems people face.

It was through my years as a lawyer in Family Court that I gained a thorough understanding of the services that might be ordered to meet the needs of the people who appear before the court.

 Drug dealers, sexual predators, and violent criminals have no place in our society, but I believe people with substance abuse problems who commit non-violent crimes should be offered an opportunity to avoid incarceration by engaging in long-term treatment in a highly supervised community setting because programs, such as the Treatment Court Program I developed here in Delaware County, are much more effective than incarceration and are far less expensive.

I have faced many challenges as Delaware County Judge and I am fully prepared to meet the challenges that are to come.

I therefore ask for your vote to re-elect me, Carl F. Becker, as Delaware County Judge on November 6th.

Carl F. Becker,