Jessie Martello

Jessie Martello, 98, passed away at Mountainside Residential Care Center Wednesday, Sept. 16. 2009. She was well loved by her family and by anyone who met her. Her death came quietly and quickly. Among her attributes as an excellent mother, Jessie was known for being an exceptional dressmaker and made all of her clothes, her children’s clothes, her grandchildren’s clothes and was a designer, creating outfits that were indescribable.
After her husband’s death in 1987, Jessie remained in Woodhaven Queens living alone in her home until the age of 90, when, it became apparent that she needed more care. Her children investigated adult resident care homes and decided that Kirkside was best for her since it was close to the homes of Arthur and Verna. Jessie remained at Kirkside for eight years. Her first week was difficult. She cried because she didn’t want to be there. Verna said, “just make one friend mom and you will change your mind.”
That was the beginning of a sacred friendship with Jeanette Aronson. If you were looking for Jessie, you had to find Jeanette and visa versa. Jeanette, who was 100 years old this year, would not let Jessie out of her sight and always helped her when it was necessary. Jessie was invited to many barbecues at Jeanette’s nephew Bruce Aronson’s home and Jeanette was invited to any celebration hosted by Jessie’s family.
Jessie never had a “best friend” as so many women do, until she met Jeanette. When they were both ready for further care, they were transferred to Mountainside and the staff, knowing their relationship, kindly arranged for them to be in the same room.
She had excellent care at Kirkside and Mountainside so the families felt comfortable, knowing she was in safe hands. Many people will miss this gentle soul.
Surviving are her three children, Verna D’Alto, Frances Augugliaro and Arthur Martello and their respective partners, Jerry D’Alto, Anthony Augugliaro and Rain. Jessie also was fortunate to have the love and support of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Viva and Rob Wilson from North Carolina and their daughter, Isabella, Helene Taylor from Utah and her children, Sarah and Joshua, Tim Martello from New York City, Myles and Lavonne Schneider and their daughter, Faye and Craig, Chris and Jeff Augugliaro from Garden City.
In lieu of flowers, any donations may be made to Catskill Area Hospice.
A Memorial Funeral Mass will be celebrated at noon on Saturday, Oct. 10 at Sacred Heart Church, Margaretville.
Arrangements are by the Hynes Funeral Home, Margaretville.