Janice Burdick honored as Democrat of the Year

Delhi — Janice Burdick was honored as Democrat of the Year at last Saturday’s Delaware County Democratic Committee (DCDC) dinner.
Tom Coddington, the 2008 honoree, presented Janice with a plaque from the committee, and a certificate and letter of congratulations from Rep. Scott Murphy. Tom thanked Janice for her years of exemplary service as deputy commissioner and her excellent work meeting the challenges of the recent special election. Coddington also noted how fitting it was for Janice, the Delaware County Democratic election commissioner, to receive an award named in memory of former commissioner Margaret “Peg” Pandick.
Janice thanked the committee and also thanked the deputy commissioners Paula Schermerhorn and Robin Alger, for their work during the special 20th Congressional District election. She was proud to report that after careful scrutiny by representatives from both sides, not a single absentee ballot vote in Delaware County was thrown out due to mistakes in application forms.
Janice took the opportunity to remind everyone that the next election, in compliance with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) will be using the new voting machines. The Delaware County Board of Elections plans to hold demonstrations of these machines throughout the county prior to the next election. She encouraged residents to take advantage of these opportunities.
The dinner was held at the Hospitality Center in SUNY Delhi. Featured speakers included: DCDC Chair, Cynthia Lockrow-Schimmerling; Democratic Rural Conference Chairwoman, Irene Stein; U.S. Congressman, Maurice Hinchey; NYS Democratic Chairwoman, June O’Neil; NYS Controller, Thomas DiNapoli and NYS Assemblywoman, Deborah Click. Two regional students were also presenters. Rachel Adams from Hobart sang the Star Spangled Banner and led the group in singing America the Beautiful. Deidra Hill from Harpersfield spoke about her upcoming trip to Washington D.C. as her school’s nominee for the 2009 National Young Leader’s Conference. Dinner attendees collectively donated $450 toward her trip expenses.
“We are so proud of the work our committee members do” said Cindy Lockrow-Schimmerling. “The outpouring of excitement and appreciation expressed by our invited guests is an affirmation of the grassroots party building we have done. I was also thrilled to hear 9th grader Deidra Hill present about her upcoming leadership conference in DC. Supporting young people as they strive toward their dreams is an enduring principle of the Democratic Party”.