Jan. 7, 2009: Thank God for Bush administration


To The Editor:
As I read the letters to the editor which down President Bush and those around him, I think that these people should be thanking God and the Bush administration that they are alive and able to communicate and complain. How many of these complainers would be alive today if the Bush administration had not successfully protected our country over the past seven years from another 9/11 attack or worse?
The economy problem, which has some people trying to place blame on the Bush administration, can be traced back to actions of the Carter administration. They pressured banks to make mortgage loans to people that the banks knew were not financially qualified and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac administrators went along with this dubious practice.
We should be thanking God every day that our country has been spared from attacks that could have killed many more than the innocent victims of 9/11, and that we have had a leader who has worked overtime to protect us from a similar catastrophe.

David R. Scudder,