Jan. 27, 2010: Should spend their own dime


To The Editor:
In response to Tom Dee’s letter last week: We all take ourselves a little too seriously. That said, why single out the Save the Mountain crowd for special recognition? Lots of people think wind turbines are a great invention but would you want a dozen whirring over Roxbury? Hydrofracking is all the rage. Hey, it’s energy independence and cleaner than coal but would you call it progress or plunder? Nothing in life stays the same; change is inevitable but it should be incremental and sustainable. Belleayre did not arrive on this earth in its present size. It grew gradually over five decades with a proven business model. Its growth is checked by the state constitution establishing and preserving Catskill Park.
At the other extreme, the Supreme Court just decided that controls on corporate influence weren’t really working. So what did those sober conservatives do? They overturned all the limits on corporate spending! A hundred years of campaign finance legislation out the window. That should make all our problems disappear, along with what was left of American democracy. But I digress. If Dean Gitter and his buds are determined to build something, how about respecting the rural character of the surrounding community and keeping off mountaintops? And how about doing it on their own dime?

Matt Frisch,