Jan. 27, 2010: Is it me, or is everything backward?


To The Editor:
Is it as topsy-turvy as it seems? Or is it just me? Minimum wages are increased ... availability of jobs decline. Price of postage stamps increase ... post office closes from 1 to 2:30 p.m. The value of the dollar goes down ... taxes go up.
Banks and bankers on Wall Street get handouts…Social security cost of living increases frozen for two years.
Town and village taxes go up…Streets and roads are plowed and sanded less and a town dump cuts hours.
Cost of foodstuffs go up…Nutritional content in food goes down.
A president is elected on a change platform…things remain the same.
Bridges are repaired in overseas countries…Bridges are crumbling in America.
Billionaires go on television petitioning the middle class for $1 dollar and $5 dollar donations, while their pockets are sewn shut.
One party has a much sought after majority in congress…Still nothing gets done.
Cost of education rises…Students come out of college $25K in the hole and a tough row to hoe to pay it back.
There are over 2,300 lobbying factions in Washington for special interests…None for the people.
The perfect slave thinks he’s free.

Rob Greenberg,