Jan. 20, 2010: Passionate views on world population


To The Editor:
Regarding John Cerullo’s letter of last week; it seems we share common ground in that we are both passionate in our view of the unsustainable growth of world population.
That aside, human breathing was sited as an example of evidence that was not weighed by those who tout carbon dioxide as the culprit in Global Warming. It is true that it did not include fossil fuel in the equation but clearly related to gasoline consumption only.  As long as we are dwelling on that subject, it should be pointed out that humans are not the only life forms that expel carbon dioxide. There are millions of animals, beef cattle, milk cows, sheep, horses, cats, dogs, and wild animals by the additional millions, all of who expel carbon dioxide by simply breathing. On the subject of oil I restate the belief that we have plenty of oil here in our back yard and even limit, as viable, to oil only in North America. Canada, Alaska, offshore oil, oil shale, and the largest oil reserve in the world in the Dakotas.
There are two ways stuff enters one’s head where it ends up as “truth.” One is the route of faith and the other is experience, the only true teacher. Thus, we depend greatly upon faith. We must have faith in the source. Therein lies the danger for if that source does not present truth, then one learns falsehood but holds it as truth. We are being taught that all criticism is bad. Thus, comes the advice, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” The truth is not usually nice. People telling the truth are very often labeled as being against something, that is “anti” or negative. To label those scientists who disagree with Al Gore and others, as immoral, fly’s in the face of reason as there are, at last count, 31,486 American scientists who disagree, 9,029 PhD; 7,157 MS; 2,586 MD and DVM; and 12,714 BS or equivalent academic degrees.
These figures are for America scientist and do not include the number of scientist worldwide who also disagree.  It is amusing that the “flat earth” paradigm is referenced as it is a blatant example of establishment “scientists,” educated people, who did not believe in the flat earth themselves but insisted on supporting an erroneous belief as they were pawns of “the powers that be.” A society that refuses to think for itself and becomes governed by a syndicate of word twisters, allows the definers to gain control. The “greenhouse effect” and “global warming” are the current scare words designed to entice the American taxpayer into accepting a lower standard of living in order to spread their wealth into the third world, Marxist style.
I offer opinions, mostly my opinions, and present no debating framework.

Stuart E Buswell,