Jan. 20, 2010: No "Thank you" is needed for work


To The Editor:
 Rose Dorn, wife of former Shandaken Town Supervisor, Peter Disclafani, writes in the January 14 edition of the Phoenicia Times, that she is upset because she didn’t receive a thank you from the new Supervisor, Rob Stanley, for the countless hours she worked on the town’s Web site.
Dorn has made it clear that she has no intention of continuing to volunteer.  Since all her countless hours took place during her husband’s tenure, shouldn’t he be the one to thank her?
When asked to turn over the codes to the Web site, she refused and the site mysteriously shut down. Dorn points out that she is not responsible for backing up the information on the site and wants a proper thank you or payment for her “countless hours of volunteer work.”
What did Dorn do?  She erased all of the programs on the town’s official Web site; she refused to turn over the password keys to the incoming town administration; she posted a snarly letter demanding either some form of acknowledgment for her work or payment.  In a fit of childish peak she destroyed town property and we’re supposed to applaud her behavior?  Give me a break!
To be a volunteer, one acts of one’s own free will and unpaid.  That’s a volunteer!
My husband and I have been volunteers for our hamlet’s fire department for over 50 years.  I guess in Dorn’s world that means if we feel unappreciated we can take one of the trucks home in compensation for all our work!
Instead of a thank you from the town, Dorn should issue an apology for her childish behavior and hope the town doesn’t sue her for the thousands of dollars it will have to spend to redo the Web site.

Jane Rossitz,