It's simply democracy at work


To The Editor:
Last week’s letter alleging that partisan politics was behind Supervisor Miller’s failure to be voted to the CWC board was unfortunate. Our national political system has nearly ground to a halt as a result of political bickering and charges of partisan politics. It will take a long time for the many constituencies to “bury the hatchet” so that the federal government can resume meaningful operation. “Thinking globally and acting locally” means that locally we need to make sure that “hatchet” stays in the woodshed and does not get out. Deliberately misleading statements and false accusations have no place in our local political conversation. Local governing is difficult enough without the bickering.
As Mr. Triolo explained, allotted seats on the CWC board are filled by vote of 17 town supervisors, including Ms. Miller. Criteria for selection are based on evaluation of each candidate and the relative importance of their position in relation to the mission of CWC. Ms. Miller was not “blocked” from her bid to be on the board. Her peers determined that there was a more qualified candidate.
That is called “democracy.”

Lauren Davis, Margaretville