Issues with the NY SAFE Act


To The Editor:
NYS SAFE Act is still a hot topic in New York State.  It has been a little over a year since our governor under a so called, Measure of Necessity, and without conforming to legislative procedures, pushed this act into law.
Many law suites are pending as to the constitutionality of this infringement on law-abiding gun owner rights in New York State to Keep and Bear Arms, a right under our Second Amendment.  Our arbitrary magazine limit of seven rounds.  Ban on so called assault weapons - based on cosmetic features, as well as issues concerning self defense etc. Based on recent actions by the court, it looks like this will go all the way to the Supreme Court.
In December, both Otsego and Schoharie counties, and recently Herkimer County also followed and drafted a resolution that their county seal could not be used in connection with the SAFE Act’s website for the re-certification on handgun permits.  Delaware Country Board of Supervisors also met in December and the same issue arose.  However, our own Town of Middletown Supervisor Marge Miller was the one alone challenged objection on this issue. This time her objection was based that the resolution did not come from our County Legislative Committee but, was from our County Sheriff Mills and our county clerk. This is a matter of consistency since this in response to NYS Legislative Acts and political in nature.
As you recall, when a resolution was being also address by our Delaware County Board, calling for a full repeal of the NYS Safe Act, Marge Miller, also objected to the resolution, again it was technical in nature that the Second Amendment was not stated correctly and that Delaware Country should draft their own resolution and not copy another towns.  The measure passed by the board over Ms. Miller’s sole objection.
Also as you all know, the Town of Middletown never drafted or passed a resolution for a full repeal of the NYS Safe Act. This issue was just ignored.  Our supervisor keeps objecting to any issues involving the denouncing this unconstitutional law and infringement on our rights - the NYS SAFE Act.  Where do the citizens of Middletown stand on this issue?  Where do our other board members stand on this issue?  Is Ms. Miller as our Middletown Supervisor representing We the People or her own personal views in this matter?  We know exactly where Delaware County and our country sheriff stand.
In closing, I would add that we are citizens of a democratic republic that values freedom. You see, people of other nations define themselves by their race, religion, ethnicity, or shared cultural heritage. America, a nation of immigrants, defines itself by its beliefs, the biggest of which is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence; all men are created equal.

Richard Rossi,