Is Politics Involved?


To The Editor:
Could any unbiased person understand Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) Board Pres­ident Triolo’s logic when he argues that the Town of Middle­town is represented on the CWC Board of Directors when the Middletown Supervisor was denied a seat on the board?
Given the extensive damage Fleischmanns, Arkville, and Margaretville suffered from Hurricane Irene, it would seem only fair for Middletown’s citizens to have their supervisor representing their serious flood-caused concerns on the CWC Board. This is especially true when, as Mr. Triolo admits in his letter to the News last week, that Supervisor Miller “was more informed than most officials in Delaware County” on certain Watershed issues.
As Mr. Triolo points out, in the past Middletown was traditionally represented on the CWC Board by its Republican supervisors, Rose and Utter. Why as Supervisor Miller blocked and not allowed to bring her strong leadership skills to the CWC Board? Could it be because she is a Middletown Democrat?

Andy Van Benschoten, Former Middletown Supervisor, New Kingston