Is it too much to ask?


To The Editor:
Hostility toward the New York Safe Act, passed within days of the Sandy Hook massacre, has more to do with private property than gun rights. 
The act makes magazines holding over 10 rounds (originally seven) illegal in New York State.  Larger magazines must either be sold out of state or surrendered by April 15 of this year.  In my opinion, this is the most controversial provision in the law because it forces people to give up a legally purchased possession. Gun-rights activists appeal to the Second Amendment to explain their anger toward the law but what’s really behind it is their more fundamental right to private property.  
Our state government, under Governor Andrew Cuomo, has determined that the public interest in protection from random and widespread violence outweighs gun owners’ right to possess high-capacity magazines. 
It was a bold step by the governor to prohibit this particular piece of gun hardware but, unfortunately, the need for this prohibition is borne out by the shocking toll of gun violence on innocent life.  The law requires assault weapons be registered, no guns be bought or sold without background checks, and magazines holding more than 10 rounds are illegal. 
Is this too much to ask so that we can begin to reduce the death toll caused be powerful weapons in the wrong hands?
Matthew Frisch,