In defense of the crossbow


To the Editor:
I have send a version of this letter about being in favor of legalized crossbow hunting in NY to Gunther, Bonacic, Sweeney, the DEC and Cuomo.
I believe last year the legislation for crossbow use by all hunters was derailed because of the unconstitutional S.A.F.E Act. I would like to see the crossbow at least in rifle and muzzleloader season and recommend giving crossbow (and bow) its own week or 2 in December after muzzleloader, and start the early bow season later and run late bow longer so the deer can be in the rut and not shot before breeding. Also the crossbow is great because once it is sighted in anyone can use it just like a rifle but its shooting range is more like a compound bow; with the compound bow each archer needs to have their bow specifically set up for that archer. T
he crossbow also is a great way to manage deer and coyote populations close to town. I have not yet invested in a crossbow however I am considering purchasing one and hunting in Pennsylvania next year so that I can use a crossbow. Please contact the DEC and let them know you are in favor of crossbow use in NY. God bless America, one nation under God, in God we trust.
John “JP” Pascuale, Livingston Manor