Illogical conclusions


To The Editor:
The opposition to the Belleayre Resort relies on fear mongering.  A case in point is the suggestion that The Resort will be turned into a casino, which was implied in their half-page ad in the May 8 issue of the Catskill Mountain News.

This ignores the fact that the Town of Shandaken has passed a local ordinance prohibiting gambling.  In addition, if the opposition did their homework, they’d know that the land on which the resort will be built will carry deed restrictions preventing casino-type gambling.  The resort is being built on privately-owned land that cannot become a casino.

But why check out the facts when it’s so much easier to put out misleading information? Like the statement, “the developer’s own consultant concludes the hotel is marginally feasible.”  In fact, three world-renown experts studied the viability of the resort and concluded that the full resort return is more than adequate to induce investment in the resort.

There are sound reasons why there are two hotels, fractional units, swimming pools, a fitness center and a golf course.  The full package is necessary to attract visitors and insure that they will return.  

Clearly the “Mountain Watchers” don’t have a clue about the hospitality business, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from reaching illogical conclusions.

Martie Gailes,
Big Indian