Humane society reopens its gift shop in Andes

By Cheryl Petersen
Heart of the Catskills Humane Society (HCHS) has re-opened the doors of its gift shop in Andes. The re-opening comes after a temporary closing last fall, due to the financial strain of keeping open the old gift shop. The inventory was packaged and stored while Joanne Callahan and her husband and co-worker, Eddie Callahan, mobilized to find a solution to keep a presence of the HCHS in Andes.
The Callahans work professionally at the Andes branch of Century 21 Chesser Realty at119 Main Street in the hamlet. The office building has three rooms upstairs and the Callahans visualized a gift store up there.

A good space
“The third room is designed for storage, but the other two rooms are suitable for a gift shop,” said Joanne, managing associate broker at Century 21. “So, we asked for and received approval from the building owner, Broadland Enterprises, managed by Andy Wos, and from our broker, Ginger Volpe, to open a gift shop for Heart of the Catskill Humane Society.”
“It’s hard to say no to Heart of the Catskills, the humane society does such good work with dogs and cats,” said Callahan. “So, after receiving a yes to the gift store idea, volunteers unpacked and reassembled the donated items here at Century 21.” Callahan’s philosophy is: This building is a place to find a home for people and a home for dogs and cats.
The holiday open house was hosted December 21. Andy Wos came by along with Town of Andes Councilman Bud Gladstone and many other community residents. The show of support for the HCHS Gift Store ran strong.
An array of refreshments added to the socializing and shopping. Cumin, the neighborhood cat, came over for a visit.
“Cumin adopted me,” said Don Hogan, Andes resident. “When I first saw her wandering around Andes, I told myself not to feed her. But, it wasn’t long before I was feeding and sheltering her. The whole town loves her.”

Right at home
Cumin now has an insulated/heated house. She follows Hogan like a shadow of appreciation and has been for 12 devoted years.
Joanne and Eddie Callahan have nine dogs, eight adopted cats, and five foster cats.
“The foster cats are up for adoption through Heart of the Catskills Humane Society,” said Joanne. “Clover is a rescue. We rescued her on Fall Clove Road and revived her. She is orange and white and would be fabulous for a small family.” HCHS has a policy of working closely with adoptees. They will discuss which animal is best for a person or family and the animal can be returned if circumstances need.
Meredith resident Keitha Capouya recently adopted a cat and was at the holiday open house finding gifts to purchase. “The cat is full grown, but small,” said Capouya. “I’ve nursed it back to health, a beautiful, black wonderful cat.”
HCHS Gift Store operates on donations of in-good-condition items. “The gift store does not accept clothes or electronics,” said Marion Ott, longtime volunteer at HCHS.
Well-maintained glassware, artwork, kitchen tools and so on, are brought to the Century 21 building as a contribution to the store. Buyers purchase the items to further their use and enjoyment. All proceeds go to the HCHS.

Lot of choices
“We also have bracelets available, selling for $5, and all proceeds again go to the Humane Society. The bracelets read ‘cats and dogs love Heart of the Catskill Humane Society,’” said Callahan. “I’ve volunteered to walk dogs at the kennel in Delhi and the dogs really do walk fast back home because they are so well taken care of.”
Inquiries can also be made about HCHS’s monthly financial giving programs, adopt a cat cage or dog kennel programs, and getting in contact with qualified assistant supporters to help include HCHS in their wills. The HCHS Holiday Store is open when Century 21 is open or call to check, 917 612-4054.
“We switch-out the available store items according to current holiday,” said Marion Ott. “Christmas items are popular now and soon we will have Valentine items for sell.”