How would you feel


To The Editor:
An unsettling trend in the New York political system seems to have surfaced recently. Promoting with huge funding certain ideological viewpoints and enforcing them with new laws as to what is right or wrong, what lifestyle is better, what food or drink you should consume, what habits or activities are not longer acceptable and what implements you should no longer have access to, all in the name of…let the government decide what is better for you and society in general.

Embedded in this philosophy is possibly using financial resources to scare those legislators with opposing viewpoints to fall into line with the ideology or pay a price politically. No matter what side you’re on concerning the gun control issue or the right to drink huge amounts of soda drinks, I personally think this approach of enforcing a set of viewpoints dealing with issues of individual rights and individual choices via laws with penalties for noncompliance a very a dangerous path to take.

What if restaurants are told that they can only serve one cheeseburger per customer and no large-size fries anymore?  That ATVs and motorcycles are too dangerous and should no longer be sold in New York?  That cigarettes and cigars finally need to be banned for good in New York and that alcohol beverages need to be banned as well, again.

All of the above would save lives and make sense in many ways, and would be in keeping with the current new laws and the overall ideology of doing what is best for us, but how would you feel if such far fetched examples actually became new laws?

Mike Tanner,