Hostage stand-off in Bovina


By Joe Moskowitz

UPDATE: At about 5:30, the husband was brought to the Bovina General Store by New York State Police where he was reunited with his wife. He was unharmed. It is still unclear if the hostage was let go by "Justin" or if he managed to escape.

There is a breaking news story going on in Bovina Center. Delaware County Sheriff’s deputies and New York State Police are being held at bay by a gun wielding man who may or may not have a hostage.

A man, believed to be in his early 30s and known as “Justin” took two people hostage in their own home on County Road Six early this afternoon. The woman managed to escape. She told the News that state Police say her husband is with them, but have not allowed her to speak with him.

It all began around 9 Sunday Morning at Justin’s mobile home on County Road 6 and New Road. Justin became angered that someone had apparantly run over and killed his Pit Bull Puppy. He began threatening people with a gun. He then took off across country where he encountered Victoria Charkut and her husband Peter Mullen who were in their backyard. He forced them into their home at gunpoint. He asked to use her phone. He called his sister in Virginia and told her to tell ”his boys” that would be last anyone would hear from him as he was going to kill himself. A negotiator has been talking to Justin for several hours, but by 4:30, there was no movement.

Check back to for updates.