Hospital's early intervention saves many lives


To The Editor:
Thank you for your article about Sue Doig’s journey from sickness to health. As a friend and colleague of Sue’s, it was inspiring to hear how she triumphed over such adversity and maintained her warm-hearted spirit.
As Chair of the Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center, I’d like to highlight something in the background of that article: how lucky this community is to have a quality hospital in its midst. Sue’s story is only a particularly dramatic example of what the hospital does on a regular basis: provide good healthcare. As a critical access hospital, we offer a wide range of services: comfortable hospitalization for common ailments and for recovery from more sophisticated cases originating at full service hospitals; physical therapy; radiology; and many others.
But perhaps our most crucial task is the one described in the article about Sue: intervening at the earliest possible moment to stabilize a patient in crisis so she can be transported to a place where specialized care is available. There are many others like Sue who live to tell their tales because of the expertise and commitment of our doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and other staff.
The excellence of both our hospital and Mountainside has repeatedly been recognized by independent evaluators. But excellence is not built and maintained only by expertise and commitment; it also takes money. Therefore I am asking everyone in our community to give what they can to help continue the good work. Any donation to the Margaretville Health Foundation, no matter how small, will help insure that when the need arises, we will be there to look after you and your loved ones.
I wish everyone a happy and very healthy New Year.

Carey Wagner,