Hospital and Hospice collaboration not so new


A June 19 article about Margaretville Hospital’s “recent agreement” with Catskill Area Hospice and Palliative Care regarding respite care for Hospice patients needs clarification. The collaborative partnership to provide this service has existed for over 20 years.

Catskill Area Hospice and Palliative Care provides care to over 800 seriously ill patients per year and is required by Medicare law to provide four levels of care:
Routine home care – Hospice team assists family to care for patient at their place of residence thus allowing them to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations
Inpatient respite – Hospice provides a 5 day break for family caregivers through a stay in a local hospital or nursing home
Crisis care – Hospice provides a nurse to stay with a patient in their home for extended hours during a medical crisis that would otherwise require hospitalization for those patients who do not wish to be hospitalized
General inpatient care – Hospice provides short term hospital stays for those patients who require pain and symptom management that can only be provided in a hospital setting
Margaretville Hospital committed long ago to partner with CAHPC to help provide these alternate levels of care and has been taking on these patients for over 20 years. Hospice personnel visit hospice patients at the hospital and participate in their care. Recently a hospital room was beautifully redecorated to accommodate hospice patients.

Working together
In recognizing the short and long term benefits to patients and families through their experiences providing respite care to Hospice patients, Margaretville Hospital recently decided to open their own respite program to the general public for private payment. This wonderful service is now available to all families dealing with long term illness at a reasonable cost.
To learn more about Margaretville Hospital’s respite program call Carol Bouton at 845 586-2631 ext. 3235

To learn more about Catskill Area Hospice and Palliative Care call Barbara Losee at 607 432-5525.