Hook, Line and Sinker: May 7, 2008

Again this past week we had our wood stove fired up to take the chill out of the house, caused by those cold early May nights. On Thursday, May 1 (the opening of the turkey season) the thermometer registered a chilly 23 degrees! And mixed in with the rain showers were some snow flurries over the weekend…we’re about out of good seasoned wood and are looking forward to some warmer temperatures for the middle of May.
Despite the chilly temperatures, the fishing on the East Branch of the Delaware River below the reservoir has been very good. Last weekend there were clouds of flies observed both above and on the water, including some Quill Gordons, Hendricksons and large March Browns. The trout were receptive and it was great to see rising fish again; we were able to provide a nice dinner for our guests, who were visiting from California, and were delighted with their first taste of Catskill trout.
Dave Budin of Del Sports in Margaretville reported that he’s still catching rainbow trout in the East Branch above the reservoir, but has seen very few fly hatches except for the areas more upstream toward Halcottsville and Roxbury, where the river bottom is softer and water temperatures are a bit warmer.
Fishing above the reservoir in the East Branch one day last week when the weather was inclement, cold and spotty, Eric Misner, from Margaretville, was happy he decided to go fishing, as he caught a beauty of a trout that he estimated weighed six pounds!
On Sunday Mike Cornwell of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville reported that he had noticed a lot of stoneflies hatching all day in Shinhopple. The weather was such that you didn’t know if the sun would stay out or if it were going to rain – but there were lots of stoneflies on the windows of the house and the car.
Fishing on the Pepacton Reservoir last week was been kind of quiet, according to Mike, who felt it was attributed to the weather, which was “iffy” all weekend long.
Glen Gormley of Downsville brought in a nice sized brown that weighed eight pounds, six ounces that he caught on a sawbelly.
And on Monday morning, Dan Smith from Walton brought in a beauty of a brown that weighed nine and one-half pounds, and measured 26 inches in length. Dan also kept another brown trout that weighed five pounds, but was disappointed he decided to do so, as he kept catching fish! He was trolling lead line four colors down with a Silver Flutter Spoon that seemed to keep attracting good fish. Dan mentioned that most fish are in around 20 feet of water, but he said he was marking a lot of fish at about 25 feet.
Sonny Somelofski, of the Tremperskill Country Store, Andes, reported that fishing at the upper end of Pepacton has been good this past week. Bob Hotaling not only won the April Pool at the Tremperskill Country Store – about $80 for his nine-pound, three-ounce brown trout, but in addition he is now leading the May Pool with an eight- pound, 14- ounce brown that measured 26 5/8 inches in length.
Carl Sauer had a nice brown on Friday night that weighed five pounds, six ounces and measured 21 inches; then on Saturday morning he bagged another that weighed six pounds, 15 ounces and measured 23 5/8 inches in length.
Skip Vezetti, a fishing guide from Palisades, was fishing from shore and took two nice fish – one was five pounds, 14 ounces, and 21inches long and the other, also caught from shore was “bigger.” Skip caught his fish on a sawbelly with a slip bobber.
There are also some turkeys to report – Andy Haniuk, of Orange County, bagged a 19 pound, eight ouncer, and Peter Valkavich, Sr. shot a 19-pound, 13-ounce tom that had an eight-inch beard and one-inch spurs. This morning Donna Kergis, from Staten Island, shot an18- pound, six-ounce tom that sported a nine-inch beard and 7/8 spurs.