Hook, Line and Sinker: June 4, 2008

Mike Cornwell of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville reported that fishing in the Pepacton Reservoir is starting to pick up again after the last cold front moved through. He said that most of the fish are scattered between 15 and 30 feet deep. He also said a lot of fish are “hanging in about 100 feet of water.”
Al Booth from Pennsylvania brought in a nice brown trout that weighed eight pounds, four ounces. The fish measured 25 inches in length. Al was fishing sawbellies when he caught his fish.
Don’t forget the June Pepacton Trout Derby sponsored by Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store. Entries may be had for $5 per person. The contest runs from June 1 to June 30. Cash prizes will be awarded as follows: first place, biggest trout wins 50 percent of the pool; second place wins 30 percent and third place takes 20 percent.
Mike reported that on the East Branch they’ve been seeing Rusty Spinners toward evening, and still some March Browns during the day.
Dave Budin of Del-Sports in Margaretville also reported seeing March Browns during the day and Gray Foxes and caddis flies during the day as well as at night. He was out fishing on Sunday night between 8 and 8:30 p.m. and had very good fishing using the “East Branch Special” fished below the water and stripped downstream as if it was a nymph. He saw a few rises, it was a bit windy, but he managed to raise fish. He figured the difference on Sunday night’s productive fishing from Friday and Saturday’s slower fishing had to do with temperature. The water was a bit warmer even though conditions were the same. Sometimes even a degree or two can mean the difference between good and poor fishing, rising fish or no rising fish. Dave also suggests that when fishing is slow, do some exploring and try to hit a lot of the “odd spots” such as on the East Branch around snag areas and blow downs. He reported catching a beauty of a brown that measured between 18 and 19 inches in a snag pile when nothing else was going on.
Sonny Somelofski of the Tremperskill Country Store in Andes reported good fishing last weekend on the Pepacton Reservoir with a lot of big fish coming in. All were caught on sawbellies.
Jackie Anderson from Boston, Massachusetts was night fishing on Thursday night and on Friday morning netted a nice 11-pound brown.
On Friday, Dave Platt from Andes, brought in a 13-pound, four-ounce brown. That same day, a nine-pound, five-ounce brown was taken by Jerry Sauer Jr. from Kingston.
On Saturday morning Jerry’s uncle Carl Sauer bagged a 10-pound, five-and-one-half-ouncer. Also on Saturday, Jerry brought in another trout that weighed eight pounds. Bud Atkins from Hurley brought in a brown that weighed eight pounds, 14-ounces.
The final results of the May Pool at the Tremperskill Country Store are in — first prize went to Carl Sauer for his 10-pound, five and one half ounce brown. Second prize was taken by his nephew Jerry Sauer Jr. for his nine-pound, five-ouncer. Third prize was won by Tim Richie of Arkville with a brown trout that weighed nine pounds, two ounces.