Hook, Line and Sinker: June 24, 2009

By now just about everyone, with the exception of ducks and the fish, is tired of the weather; rain, clouds, scattered showers, thunderstorms and hail and the forecast isn’t much better! The reservoir levels were all up and full, if not spilling as of last Friday.
Al Carpenter of Al’s Sport Store in Downsville reported on Monday morning that the Pepacton Reservoir has been spilling for several days, and the East Branch of the Delaware River is flowing ‘about four feet over normal’ – enough to halt canoe rentals for a while, and also to discourage trout fishers from fishing below the reservoir until the rain stops and water levels recede back to a more manageable level. The good news is, however, that the amount of rain we’ve had in June will keep rivers and streams at a good, fishable level into and probably throughout July.
Despite these conditions putting a damper on stream fishing, action on the reservoir is actually picking up. Now leading the Pepacton Trout Derby for the month of June is a nice trout taken over the weekend by Dan Evangelista, who traveled from downstate New York to try his luck. Dan was fishing a sawbelly at about 7 a.m. on Saturday when he hooked a beauty of a brown that weighed over 10 pounds and measured 29 inches in length, large enough to put him in first place. The big fish was hanging out about 25 feet down, where most of the trout recently taken have been. Currently in second place is Mike Goodman, who is currently residing in Miller Hollow, with a 10-pound, two-ounce brown that also measured 29 inches. And John Bock, from Roscoe, is holding third place with his eight-pound, 15-ouncer that measured 27 inches. And all were caught while fishing with sawbellies.
Sonny Somelofski of the Tremperskill Country Store in Andes reported that the reservoir is ‘full and murky.’ He described a nice trout taken from the upper end of the reservoir by Ken Williams of Halcott Center. Ken was trolling a Sutton Spoon when a trout “bit the lure and bent it completely around!” The trout weighed six and three-quarter pounds, and measured 23 inches – a fine fat fish.
Bass season opened on Saturday, June 20 and the bass fishing has been very productive. One regular bass angler who fishes ‘all over’ for bass declared that the “smallmouth fishing in Pepacton is hard to beat.” Al Carpenter has been selling lots of Mister Twisters, worms and crayfish. And the most productive bass lure seems to be the Yamamoto Senko worm. The Senko is a plain round rubber worm, which is best fished by hooking it in the middle, and jigging it down through the water. The worm, hooked this way, bounces equally on each side of the hook and seems to be irresistible to the bass. The color working best is “green pumpkin.”
Dave Budin of Del Sports, Inc. in Margaretville reported a good day’s fishing in the East Branch of the Delaware around the village last week before the heavy rains came. Dave was fishing his favorite “East Branch Special” fly as a wet fly, submerged, and caught many fish from an overgrown and undercut bank in water that was slightly murky.