Hook, Line and Sinker: June 10, 2009

A check with the NYC DEP Web site on Monday morning showed that our Catskill reservoirs are at the following levels: Cannonsville, 101.6 percent; Pepacton, 100.4 percent; Neversink, 98.4 percent; Rondout, 97.6 percent; Ashokan, 99.2 percent; Schoharie, 89.4 percent.
Sonny Somelofski, of the Tremperskill Country Store, Andes, reported on the results of his May Trout Derby — 10 prizes in all were awarded! And the winning trout were all big, fat fish. First prize was won by Mike Platt of Scotia, whose 10-pound, 10-ounce brown measured all of 29 inches in length. Second prize went to Jerry Sauer Sr. of Kingston, for his 27-inch brown that tipped the scales at 10 pounds 1-ounce; third prize was won by Ken Altieri of Esopus, for his nine pound, seven-ounce brown that measured 28 inches. Carl Sauer took fourth prize for his nine-pound, 28-1/2-inch brown and his brother, Jerry Sauer Jr. of Kingston, won fifth prize with a 24- 7/8-inch trout that weighed seven pounds even. Sixth place was captured by Tim Ritchie, for his six-pound, 13-ouncer that measured 26 inches. Mark Timmok of Glen Allen, Virginia, won seventh prize with a six-pound, 12-ounce brown that measured 26 inches. In eighth place was Jeff Cammon from Margaretville, for his six-pound, six-and-one-quarter- ounce brown that measured 25-1/3 inches. Rounding out the slate of winners was Bill Archibald, of Halcott Center with a six-pound, two-and-one-quarter-ounce brown that measured 24 inches and Wattie George of Arkville, with a six-pound, one-and-one-half-ounce brown trout that measured 25 inches in length. Pleased with the outcome of the contest, Sonny remarked that “A lot more big fish were caught in the tournament but they didn’t bring them all in to be weighed.”
Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store, Downsville, reported that Pepacton Reservoir started spilling around Memorial Day and has just stopped spilling this past Sunday. Good numbers of trout are being brought into the store, but most are still “skinny” as compared to fish taken up reservoir. Interestingly, trout are not consistent in where they are feeding; some have been taken on the surface; others down as far as 35 feet.
Because of the shortage in suppliers of sawbellies, some reservoir trout fishers are using shiners to fish with, but are still having good luck catching fish. These include Peter Sdzislaw from downstate, who caught a seven-and-one-half-pound brown on a shiner.
Ken Booth of Pennsylvania, was fishing with sawbellies and caught a nice seven-pound, one-ounce brown that measured 26 inches.
Sarah Fulton, up from New Jersey, had good luck fishing with sawbellies and brought in two trout: one weighting six pounds, six ounces and the other, six pounds, eight ounces.
Charlie Waxmonsky, a Pennsylvania fisherman, was trolling with sawbellies and bagged a seven-pound brown.
Ralph Leiber brought in a 26-inch, seven-and-one-half-pound brown trout.
And some “kids” who were fishing on Saturday night brought in a cooler that contained some nice fish — two were 30 inches, one measured 28 inches, all caught on sawbellies.
Al reported that on the lower East Branch Delaware River, “Sulphurs have been hatching like clouds” but not a lot of fish are coming up for them. Al has sold a lot of flies lately — Green Drakes, Brown Drakes, Sulphurs, Dun Variants and March Browns.
Dave Budin of Del-Sports, Inc., Margaretville, reported the upper East Branch above the reservoir, “the water out there is perfect” but the fly hatches have slowed down over the past week. A few Gray Foxes and March Browns are still around, but above Margaretville the hatches have noticeably slowed. Some Green Drakes are being seen down by the reservoir, and trout fishing on the lower East Branch below Downsville has seen more action.
Trout fishing on the lower Beaverkill, especially below Barnhart’s and the Delaware County line has been fabulous this past week. Lots of fly activity, Green and Brown Drakes, Sulphurs and even some Isonychias have given us great sport and good catches of trout up to a foot-and-a-half-long. Water temperatures midweek were still in the 50s, but last night we noticed the Beaverkill had dropped somewhat since the end of last week and was now in the mid-60s, and we were able to catch some nice brown trout despite the fact that they were not rising.