Here's the Scoop: September 3, 2008

Hanging with the stars
Devoted readers may recall that I mentioned here last week that I would be in charge of passes for folks to “Meet and Greet” music/film star Chris Isaak before his Saturday show at the Belleayre Music Festival.
When I heard a few weeks back that I was being assigned this duty, I had one question: “Will I have to shave?”
The answer was “no,” so I agreed to the task. As noted earlier, I had also received a similar job the previous week when Vince Gill played. No offense to Vince Gill, but I really didn’t know his music. My Chris Isaak fandom stretches more than two decades. With his “retro-cool hairstyle” and eclectic sound, he’s an interesting blend of modern rocker and Elvis — although he shows no traces of favoring a peanut butter and bacon sandwich diet.
The prospect of meeting Chris Isaak was exciting.
In fact, we were recently listening to one of Chris’ disks and my mind began racing.
“You know, I think I have some Chris Isaak on vinyl,” I told my wife.
She gave me the same disbelieving look she offers when I tell her that, yes, I did water the porch plants like she asked me.

Gotta be here!
Despite the skepticism, I headed to the basement to paw through the layers of my album collection. After coming up empty in the first box, I began to doubt myself. But midway through Box 2, I spotted a Chris Isaak album from 1987. It was probably one of the last records I purchased, before switching to CDs.
She was impressed. It was suggested that I bring the album to the Meet and Greet to have The Man autograph it. Once I got over my initial embarrassment, I agreed it was a good idea.
Like most people, I admit to getting a certain thrill from meeting famous folks. Naturally, I understand that behind the big bank accounts and magazine covers, these are just well-known people with human flaws. That’s why I hestitate to meet “stars.” Disappointment is sure to follow.
I’m happy to report that in the several minutes during which Chris Isaak and I bonded, I found him to be a nice guy. This may have reflected the fact that he realized I have been assisting his bank account for more than two decades, based on the fact that I owned one of his albums on vinyl. But I think he was a nice guy anyhow.
My wife, too, was thrilled to meet him. She insisted that I was cuter, but did remark that Chris Isaak wears a mirror-covered suit with far more confidence than I ever could. No argument there.
After the Meet and Greet, we thoroughly enjoyed Chris’ concert. The guest dancing girl who joined the band on stage certainly got (and gave) some exposure not normally provided during an evening of family entertainment. Let’s just say it was an eyefull — two eyefulls to be exact.
The “wardrobe malfunction” was taken in stride by most in attendance. It was, after all, rock-n-roll.