Here's the Scoop: Sept. 9, 2009

Rock ‘n’ roll high school
School’s in. I think. The Back-to-School sales. The fashions for the new year. The calls to the principal’s office for shooting spit-wads. These things mean nothing to me these days…even if I do long for those bygone spit-wad days. I often got an “A” in spit-wad accuracy. My parents weren’t all that impressed, though.
But now, the start of school means little to me. It’s been nine years since our morning routine involved getting a teenager off to school. Somehow, I got talked into driving the teen to school — my punishment for not allowing her to have a car of her own. It was OK, though. Plus, the routine kept me on schedule.
Now, the only time I realize that school is in session is when I get stuck behind a bus — why don’t these kids have cars or parents who drive them to school?
The days of getting a child ready for school however, are getting harder to remember.
I do have a number of friends who still are involved in the whole school routine. It’s interesting to hear them speak about school issues. I don’t know how much the education world has changed in nine years, but I imagine it’s a bit different.
Still, when I hear parents talking about school issues, I may as well be talking to an astrophysicist about their work. It’s weird, I think that once your children have left school, that world becomes a strange place. Unlike a mysterious foreign land that you long to explore, school is not a place you wish to revisit.
And that feeling isn’t because we had bad school experiences. On the contrary, those years went quite smoothly. Thankfully.
It’s just that I much prefer rock concerts to school band performances. Some things never change. Not that school shows weren’t fun, maybe the volume was simply too low. And there were no overpriced T-shirts to buy.
The one benefit of a school concert vs. a rock show is that irritating, nonstop chatter by audience members was limited during the former. That’s a bonus. Plus, ringing in one’s ears following a school concert was not really a concern either.
Another benefit of a school concert was that no one ever called out a request for “Free Bird.”
Hmmm, now that I’ve listed these items, maybe I should consider taking in some more school concerts. Oh, yeah, they’re free, too. Rock on. See you in the auditorium.