Here's the scoop: May 15, 2013

Take me out to the ballgame...
You’re probably familiar with the term, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” That may be true, but you can sure instruct a middle-aged cat to do some neat stuff. For instance, watching baseball.
Before we get too far here, let me set the record straight and tell you that what I’m about to write won’t be appearing as one of those stupid YouTube videos that folks watch when they’re supposed to be working. Sorry, I would prefer that our cat not become an “Internet sensation,” as the headline writers on the Internet are so fond of saying — as they try to make each of us a part of the sensation. And sell us on associated advertising.

Our cat is kind of modest, and we’d prefer that she stay humble. Still, I can’t help but sharing her passion for baseball. I’ve chronicled my (some say unhealthy) interest in Fantasy Baseball here a number of times over the years. I think that’s how Holly (the cat) got her start. She was a newspaper fan long before she became hooked on the Major League Baseball Network. I’m pretty sure the newspaper fascination traces back to her earliest days at the shelter.

Likes the statistics
Anyhow, while Holly remains an avid newspaper user, she has also developed a fondness for watching the nightly baseball results. Before bed, my routine often includes a bit of down time, checking the status of the players on my Fantasy team. Holly is right there with me. You’d think she had invested as much time and money as I had in preseason baseball magazines.

Not only does Holly settle right in for some baseball highlight viewing, she often encourages me to do the same. Some animals stare at their owners when they need to go outside to answer Nature’s call. Holly gives me “that look” when she feels I’m late checking on the baseball scores. Really.
So, off we go into the TV room to get the latest statistical updates and “live look-ins” at games in action. From what I can tell, Holly is particularly fond of games in which teams are down by a lot of runs, but claw their way back into contention. When we’re watching a whole game, she really enjoys the seventh-inning stretch.

She has even developed a number of favorite teams — the Cardinals, Blue Jays and the Orioles — whose action she likes to closely follow. Holly also feels a special kinship with the Tigers. When I bring home the newspaper, she can’t wait to browse the litter box scores.
I realize that our cat paying close attention to baseball results is not as riveting as, say, an online video of a feline playing a tuba. But, still, I think her fondness for America’s Pastime is pretty cool. On the other hand, I can tell that Holly takes great pride in having taught me about the pleasures of a nice catnap.
— Brian Sweeney