Here's the Scoop: May 13, 2009

Tunes for sale. Cheap.
I heard some disturbing news on the radio this week. Along with all the well-documented effects of our economic Re-Pression, as I like to call it, have been some lesser known side effects.
The story I heard told how one particular shop that purchases used compact discs has been flooded with returns. Apparently the “economic downturn” has plenty of folks turning in their tunes for cash. Now that’s blues music. Or is it green music?
I can see selling lots of things (used socks, family photos) to raise much-needed cash, but exchanging one’s music collection for a few dollars seems, somehow, really wrong. To me, music is more necessary than ever during tough times. I find it very comforting to crank up some tunes to suit my mood — or to help change it.
The good news is that I honestly believe that the economy is on the upswing. Hopefully, I won’t be forced to sell off any of my music collection. But this week’s news report eventually led me to the music cupboard to determine which discs I would part with, if I were forced to make such a sale.
Oddly enough, as a decades-long Apple fan, I would never dream of using any other type of computer. Plus, I am a huge music fanatic. These two facts would lead one to the conclusion that I probably have every generation of iPod. I don’t. Not even one. So, while others carry around their entire music collection in their pocket, mine takes up half a wall in our house. And that doesn’t count the “vinyl” packed away elsewhere.
Anyhow, I still have the “luxury” of being able to flip through many hundreds of cheap, half-broken, environmentally unfriendly plastic covers to choose whatever music I feel like hearing. Truthfully, I have never really adjusted to discs, because I preferred spending hours pouring over “album art” and all the information that used to accompany a music purchase.

What does that say?
Now, even when discs include all these details, the writing is too small to read. In fact, in recent years, I have noticed that just about everything I try to read comes with type that’s too small. It’s a conspiracy, I think. My eye doctor has other ideas. That’s when I pretend my hearing is bad too.
So, after I finished pondering all of these facts, I got down to the hypothetical (I hope) business of deciding which Disks to Ditch for cash. With more than 20 years of collecting, the number of discs is substantial. I must admit, too, that there are some losers among the good stuff.
Which leads to the basic question: If I tried to sell off some really crappy musical choices, would they make a sound in the woods if no one was there to listen to them? Maybe that’s not exactly how it should be worded, but you get the idea.
What value would my music collection have to others? If I tried to sell off only the discs that fall under the heading of “What was I thinking?” would there be any interested buyers?
Every once in awhile, bored by newer purchases, I pull out some old tunes just to try to remember why I bought them in the first place. Sometimes it works. At other times, I am ordered to change the music, quickly followed by: “I’m not sure we would ever have married, if I had known you owned that disc.” Ouch.
The good news is, I won’t hear many protests if I ever have to sell some of these tunes. Except maybe from the record store.