Here's the Scoop: March 11, 2009

Will it never end?
Well, I thought we were done with all this stuff, but it turns out that eight years was not enough. GW is still keeping us in the dark.
I’m not referring to the government secrecy that was the order of the day for the last two presidential terms. No, this is something a lot less sinister (I think). I’m referring to the decision to “spring ahead” with the time change much earlier than usual. I’m sure there’s a benefit to this (somehow, I’m guess Big Oil is involved), but it’s not one that I recognize.
I guess in states with nice climates (read: not New York), the early arrival of extra evening light is appreciated by golfers, walkers, gardeners and other outdoor enthusiasts. In the Empire State — How do I put this politely? — March sucks.

Just a mirage
Don’t get me wrong, I certainly appreciate the mostly sunny and 50-something-degree weekend we just experienced. But such days in the Catskills are misleading at this time of year. It’s kind of like the Halloween horror movie series where you know the villain (snow, in this case) is not really dead and will keep popping up to scare us.
Many things are easy enough to adjust to, but I am not a fan of getting up when it’s dark out. Even as a kid, I hated waking up to celebrate New Year’s Eve after I had dozed off on the coach. Rising from bed during a pitch-black morning is just as difficult. And there’s no party that follows.
What about the benefit of having an extra hour of light on the other end? To me, this additional daylight in March is like having channels added to the cable TV system for free — except the only things being shown are reruns of I Love Lucy. No, thanks.

Clearer shade of gray
The ability to see outside later during a March evening is not all that beneficial. While I can find the “bright side” of most months, March is a bit of stretch. I see the wood that I never finished splitting, the mud that is so commonplace this time of year and a bunch of gray trees. I consider myself an optimist, but the silver lining of spring is still cleverly hidden from me.
I’m sure that, if I tried, I would find plenty of outdoor projects to keep myself occupied as I count down the days until fishing season. Wait, I don’t really fish much anymore. I guess I’ll look forward to the start of the lawn mowing months.
This could actually be the year that I retire the Ol’ Wheelhorse that has severed me so well for the several decades. Yes, decades.
In fact, the Ol’ Wheelhorse is another reason why we shouldn’t “spring ahead” so early — I have another hour each day to contemplate this mowing legend as it sits idly on the spot where it conked out last fall. I was going to move it off the lawn somehow, but ran out of light during the short autumn days.
And then, it snowed in October and every other month. And was consistently colder than it has been in years. Hmmm….maybe this extra hour of evening light isn’t so bad after all. Suddenly, I’m appreciating the subtle beauty of mud.