Here's the Scoop: June 24, 2009

Can’t make up my mind
It was a few years ago that I obtained my first pair of flip-flops. The best part of this footwear purchase was that the flip-flops were specifically for my daughter’s wedding. Obviously, this was going to be my type of event.
The wedding was great and the flip-flops added to the enjoyment because I didn’t have to worry about keeping them tied.
Still, afterwards, I had some lingering problems with flip-flops. Tops among them was the 2004 presidential campaign where the term “flip-flopping” was used with great effect to defeat the best candidate. Because of these dismal memories, the flip-flops remained in my closet, ready to hit the sand the next time I’m invited to a beach wedding.
But this year, I have finally started hitting the ground with my flip-flops on a regular basis. I like it.
I’m not sure why flip-flops have become so favorable with me lately. Maybe the bitterness of the flip-flop presidential campaign has finally been erased.
Or maybe it’s because my sneakers have sort of taken on a life of their own from being worn too many times without socks.
Perhaps, it’s just because the noise that flip-flops make is so darn cool.
I think it’s a combination of all these things, plus the fact that flip-flops are soooo easy to slip on and off. I always feel like I’m in a hurry, so flip-flops assist with speedy entering and exits.

The drawbacks
On the other hand, anyone who has worn flip-flops is quite aware that this footwear is not all pleasure. For one thing, these shoes aren’t good for sneaking up on people or, say, the untamed cat that is torturing your own cat. Hunting shoes these are not.
There’s also the driving issue. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the legend that “it’s illegal to drive without shoes on.” Well, that’s really not true. However, if you’re driving a vehicle with a standard transmission, you will probably want to consider not wearing flip-flops. Take my word for this and don’t try this at home — or on the road.
The other key to wearing flip-flops — and probably another reason that I’ve waited so long to pull mine out again — is that you should really have semi-attractive feet before you don this type of revealing footwear. I don’t. So I’ve been told.
My wife has a cute nickname for my feet. It won’t be revealed here.
So, I’m stuck with the problem of enjoying the comfort, ease and flip-floppy sound of this footwear, but at the risk of exposing my feet to the world. Maybe that’s why I’ve flip-flopped for so long over wearing them in public.