Here's the scoop: January 23, 2013

Hatching an anti-cabin fever plan
Even though it’s barely a month since the “official” start of winter, I think it’s OK to admit that the season has started to wear on some people’s nerves a bit. I’m a member of this group.
High temperatures this week are predicted to be only in the teens, with nighttime lows around zero. It’s not the Arctic, but this stretch of consistently low temperatures is the first real cold snap we’ve had this year.

Although the days have been “getting longer,” it’s not exactly July, you know? Like many others, I have a tendency to feel a bit “down” at this time of year. It’s cold. It’s dark and, well, well, well — things are looking up — Cadbury Mini-Eggs have arrived!

My weakness for Mini-Eggs has been prominently mentioned in this space over the years. Sure, it’s true that I’m looking to cash in on my love for Mini-Eggs as a paid sponsor. Cadbury folks, do you hear me? As I wait for that big payday, my other reason for mentioning Mini-Eggs around this time each year is because — I love those little candy coated chunks of chocolate goodness!

What a surprise!
You can probably imagine my delight last week when a bag Mini-Eggs was presented to me, quite out of the blue. Even though I’d been waiting about nine months for this day, I somehow managed to delay the gorge-fest a bit longer as I made a quick trip to the store for cow juice accompaniment. Believe me, I made up for lost Mini-Egg consumption time upon my return.

A few days later, the cabin fever blues resulted in a trip out of town to break up the cold weather, lack of daylight routine. One of the stops was at a bookstore where — are you sitting down? — Fantasy Baseball magazines were already on sale! Again, I gorged, but in a different way.
Visions of green grass, the sound of bat meeting ball, vendors selling Mini-Eggs…all those things spring to mind when I start thinking about the upcoming baseball season.

Life is good
Leaving the bookstore with a couple of Fantasy Baseball magazines, I couldn’t help but reflect how welcome I found these “signs of spring.” Could lawn mowing be far behind? Well, I probably won’t be cranking up the faux John Deere anytime soon, but it’s nice to dream. And, with climate change being well, you know, “real,” who knows what may happen?

I’m not trying to wish my life away, but it would be OK with me if the 24-hour cycles of the next few months seem somehow faster-paced. Sure it’s the Northeast and winters are harsh, but when Mini-Eggs and Fantasy Baseball magazines become available, the days are just a bit brighter and the sun a little warmer. Who needs robins — although their eggs do remind me a certain Cadbury product.
— Brian Sweeney