Here's the scoop: January 16, 2013

The ears have it!
It’s not something I like to admit, but I can be a teensy bit “quick to judge.” I like to think that my instincts are usually pretty good, but sometimes I have to eat a little crow and admit a mistake.
Crow is usually tough and has a lousy aftertaste.

One such case applies to “winter hats with ears.” You’ve seen them. Heck, some readers probably own one of these items. And, I’m sure you look really cute with that cuddly creature wrapped around your head. I mean it, too.

That wouldn’t have been the case several years ago when these headpieces first started coming into style. I thought they were stupid. Now, I’m all ears, so to speak. Within reason, of course.
You know that line where I said readers probably look cute? I think it’s necessary to clarify that one with the addition of “if they are younger than age 35.” The more years the wearer falls below this threshold, the better.

I am not trying to employ age discrimination here, only facts. Mature folks and hats with ears are not a good match.

On the other hand, I have grown to really like the hats with ears on kids. Teens with a certain swagger can also put off this look really well.

I’m not sure why I changed my mind on this type of headgear, but I’m thinking that it was the expansion of styles that did the trick.

A bit shocking
The first couple of times I saw people donning hats with ears, I was momentarily frightened.
“Oh my god! There’s someone getting attacked by a badger!” I remember shouting upon my initial hat-with-ears sighting.

Fortunately, my wife is much more attuned to current styles and quickly straightened me out. Despite this newfound fashion knowledge, seeing these hats was not an easy adjustment.
Slowly, though, I started overcoming my initial fears of rabies and began looking at these hats as mere style pieces. Some of them are downright cool. Warm, too, I’ll bet.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that I’ll be donning one of these caps anytime soon. First, there’s that age limit that I’ve set. I’m beyond it.

Even without the artificial cutoff point that I’ve set (Congress is still divided over the issue), I move very slowly when it comes to changes in style. I kept a pair of gray socks in my drawer for two years before I would work them into my wardrobe with my traditional black models. The good news is, I think they look great. No one really gets to see them, though.

Truthfully, I won’t even wear a baseball hat out in public until I have properly broken it in at home, far from the prying eyes of the public.

So, I’ll be content to watch others who can wear the hats-with-ears style with confidence. In fact, I now enjoy seeing these hats so much that I’ve let my membership lapse in PITAH (People with Irritating Treatment of Animal Hats).

Now, if folks start wearing snake hats — that will make my skin crawl in a whole new way.
— Brian Sweeney