Here's the Scoop: February 13, 2013

Winter film festival time
At some point last Friday, it started becoming clear that maybe the blizzard forecast calling for 18-24 inches of snow in the Catskill Region was just a bit “overblown.” Or is that “underblown”?
Like practically everyone else in the northeast, I took plenty of peeks at the weather forecast in the days leading to “the event.” One-and-a-half to-two-feet of snow is lot to handle. Folks living a bit to the east can vouch for that sentiment.

I’m not philosophically opposed to a large snowfall, but it was OK that I didn’t have to participate in the tremendous amount of work involved in cleaning up after a big storm.
As I watched multiple forecasts, it was great fun to see which predictions were going to be most accurate for our area. Would the “American Model” or the “European Model” prove most savvy in pinpointing the storm’s impact? And would the “losing model” be banished to a series of Victoria’s Secret assignments?

Bring it on!
Personally, I like to prepare for the worst-case storm scenario and deal with whatever happens. So, early on Friday I headed out to make preparations — right to the video store to stock up on movies! I was ready for the storm.

Of course, I’ll admit that we already had a decent food supply on hand, so it was a matter of sitting back and watching the skies. I did, however, come home from work a bit early to move firewood, so I wouldn’t have to haul it through deep snow. Ready.
When my wife arrived home from work and we had less than two inches on the ground, she was sounding a bit skeptical about the storm prospects.

“We’re still getting the blizzard — it’s just coming later than they thought,” I assured her.
I believed that, too. After all, as the storm neared, the blizzard predictions for the Catskills become bolder. The forecasters couldn’t possibly be that far off the mark. Unless they were.

Not measuring up
Six total inches and sunny skies on Saturday gave proof that the blizzard that was so devastating downstate and in New England, was just an average snowfall in these parts. Boring. A Blah-zard, I dubbed Nature’s effort.

It was OK with me. We’ve endured our share of powerful, destructive storms. Plus, we’ll have plenty more.

Speaking of more, just when you thought it was safe to go outside again, there are rumblings of another big weather front that may or may not wreak snowy havoc on the northeast this weekend. I first heard this mentioned in the post office (where else?) and since have begun sneaking a peak or two at the top weather sites. It could be a huge storm. Or not.

I’m sure that we’ll know when it’s all over whether or not the predictions were correct. In the meantime, it’s back to the video store — where I can see if the reviews written by others match mine. It’s a lot like forecasting the weather, but in most movies, the outcome is quite predictable. Plus, if you don’t like the action, you can hit the stop button. If only weather offered that option.
— Brian Sweeney