Here's the Scoop: August 13, 2008

A really cool idea
Like most people, I enjoy a certain amount of technical innovation. On the other hand, I think a lot of the stuff that’s invented is pretty pointless. While it’s by no means a cutting edge product, I recently found myself singing the praises of an icemaker. It is so cool — in more ways than one.
I’m guessing that most refrigerators today come equipped with ice-making capabilities. Our last one had it, but the apparatus was never hooked up. I sort of viewed this option as the freezer equivalent of cruise control. It’s nice to have, but it’s not really that difficult to fill a tray with water. Or is it?
How many times over the years have I needed a couple of ice cubes? Many. Despite the fact that my ice cravings were usually “satisfied with three or four smallish cubes that tasted suspiciously like the frozen peas that had been placed on top of the tray,” I still thought an icemaker was an innovation that was not needed.

Not for sale
Like everyone in the Catskills, my need for ice really peaks on the warm weather holiday weekends. I’ll admit that I’m content to buy ice on such occasions, when company is coming. Of course, the ability to make such a purchase would depend on good ol’ supply and demand. If you’ve ever tried to buy ice around here on a warm holiday weekend, you know that the supply is less than the demand. Way less. In fact, you can’t get it. Figuring out how to buy ice on such occasions is a real Rubik’s Cube.
But that’s not why we had the icemaker hooked up on the refrigerator we got last year. For some reason, my wife was really excited about the icemaker. She talked about it so much, I began thinking icemaker was code for: “new pair of shoes.” Nope. She wanted ice cubes when the mood struck.
So, we had the icemaker hooked up. Since we wanted the equipment to work, we had someone other than myself do the job.
Let me tell you, the icemaker works. And works. And works.
Twenty-four hours of supercharged ice-making. Whenever we’re a few cubes shy of a load, the machine performs. And the bin that catches the ice is quite sizable. There’s always ice. And, since it’s separated from the rest of the freezer items, it doesn’t taste like peas or anything else in there.
I admit it, I like the icemaker. A lot. It’s beyond cool.
For some reason, I spend most weekends “off site” and lug a cooler of seltzer with me. But not before filling it with cold, wonderful ice. It makes the workday so much more tolerable.
My new joke when I get up for a day of hard labor is, “I wonder if we have any ice?” The answer is always yes.
The guilt-ridden part of me wonders why I resisted having the icemaker hooked up for so long. There are some things that simply can’t be explained. Still, I think I owe my wife a new pair of shoes.