Harriet Grossman appointed to Fleischmanns Board post

By Jay Braman Jr.
Village resident Harriet Grossman has been appointed by the Fleischmanns Village Board to fill a vacancy created last October by the death of Trustee Malcolm Becker. Grossman had been a trustee for four years prior to an unsuccessful re-election bid in March when incumbent Martin Moralis was re-elected and voters ushered in newcomer Todd Pascarella to a trustee’s seat. That election also saw David Morell win the mayor’s job.
“Both myself and the entire village board are happy to have her and we look forward to working with her towards a successful future,” Mayor Morrell said Monday.
Morell made the appointment at a January 11 village board meeting held at the Skene Memorial Library on Main Street.
This week Grossman told the Catskill Mountain News that it was an honor to be appointed.
“I’m thrilled to be filling Malcolm’s spot. He was such a wonderful person and such a wonderful board member,” she said.
Becker became actively involved in the Fleischmanns community and undertook administrative duties serving as a member of the planning board since 1988, on the board of trustees and as deputy mayor since 2001 and as acting mayor until the past village election in March 2009. He coordinated the planning and implementation of the water treatment system and oversaw road maintenance, repair and traffic and parking safety issues. In recognition of his committed efforts and accomplishments in service to the village he was posthumously honored with a commemorative plaque from the Fleischmanns community.
Asked about the current make up of the board of trustees, Grossman said that their work is cut out for them, but they will tackle issues as a team.
“I get along with everyone on the board,” she said.
She will be running in the upcoming election this March for a two-year term as a village trustee.