Hail Caesar! in the United States


To The Editor:
The United States today is like a cruise ship on the Niagara River upstream of the most spectacular falls in North America. A few people on board have begun to pick up a slight hiss in the background, to observe a faint haze of mist in the air or on their glasses, to note that the river current seems to be running slightly faster, but no one yet seems to have realized that it is almost too late to head for shore.

Like Chinese, Ottoman, Hapsburg, Imperial German, Imperial Japanese, British, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Soviet empires of the last century, we are approaching the edge of a huge waterfall and are about to plunge over it.

If our American democratic system is no longer working, if the constitutional checks and balances put in place by our Founding Fathers to prevent congressional tyranny are increasingly less operational, we have not completely lacked for witness to a Congress that now has an approval rate that dips into single digits, a Congress that has abetted Wall Street in the looting of our financial system, a treasonous Congress that violated our Constitution by giving the president license to kidnap, torture and kill on an imperial scale, all in the name of “national security” and a federal government that has less support today than King George III had at the time of the American Revolution.

We all know that our political system is broken and the acid-tongued cynics among us are now asking, “When will the corpse be buried?” So where do we go from here? General Tommy Franks, commander of the American assault on Baghdad, for instance, went so far as to predict that another serious terrorist attack on the United States would “begin to unravel the fabric of our Constitution,” and under such circumstances, he was open to the idea that the Constitution could be scrapped in favor of a military form of government.” (“We’re in the Army Now,” Harper’s Magazine, October 2003, p. 46). Wow!

We are no longer far from that day when, like the Roman Senate in 27 BC, our Congress may take its last meaningful vote and give power to an American Caesar. As our political and economic systems, in close companionship with a degenerate and depraved culture, continues to plunge into chaos and madness and life itself becomes impossible for the 99 percent of our citizens, in the end the American people may beg for, and then support, a military coup d’ etet.

Near to the top of the Pentagon’s pyramid of power, other powerbrokers in our Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force may be following the same train of thought as General Franks – when will our own Caesar cross the Rubicon? Hail Caesar, anyone? America awake!

E.O. England,