Greetings from Mushroom Land


To The Editor:
Seeing that we are to believe we live in a movie theme nowadays, I must stand up and say that I’ve heard that I have been nominated for an Oscar. The truth is that I have already received awards in the past, having won the People’s Choice four times previous.

Speaking of movie themes, let’s talk about the one that is going on now. The One and Only One, the Great and Wonderful Oz, has spoken once again with the publication of two letters in the Catskill Mountain News in the past few weeks.

I must say that they were very humorous. But with the exception of maybe two sentences that “Oz” wrote about, the total article was misleading. Read between the lines people, and decide for yourselves whether you want to read a storybook fantasy or the truth.

So in closing, before I venture down my yellow brick road, Swart Street, I take once again time to thank those who have supported my administration throughout the years. It has truly been a pure pleasure serving all of you in the community and the residents of the village. It’s always nice to say, “Good neighbors”, “good friends” and “for the good of the community.”

I remember a great movie called “Forrest Gump”; a quote from that movie: “Life and politics go together like a box of chocolates; you don’t know what you get until you pick one.

Bill Stanton,
Mayor and CEO
of “The Mushroom Factory”