Great Quilt Show in Stamford on Sept. 22-23

Stamford — The 16th annual Great Catskill Mountain Quilt Show will be presented on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 22 and 23 at Robinson Terrace in Stamford. The hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Quilts depicting the theme “Two Color Quilts” will be on display, as well as traditional quilts. The show is sponsored by the Great Catskill Mountains Quilters Hall of Fame.

In the traditional category is Chris Polak’s “Dresden Plates” quilt which was created as a result of Hurricane Irene. Chris’ home in Middleburgh was ravaged by the hurricane and her historical two-story home had to be demolished with the remains buried in the cellar. A new home has arisen from the ruins for Chris and her husband, Jerry and so has a beautiful quilt composed of antique blocks; which were salvaged from her home. The blocks were created by Leigh Campbell, an expert quilter who resided outside the Village of Middleburg and were among Chris’ cherished possessions damaged by the raging waters.

A fellow quilter, Susan Reed, also of Middleburgh offered to try and save the blocks by cleaning off the mud. Unbeknownst to Chris, Susan contacted Betsy Macomber, (also from the Middleburgh area) and a professional long arm quilter and asked her to create a quilt using the resurrected blocks.

Made two quilts
Betsy was able to make two quilts; one was donated as a raffle quilt for the recovery effort and the other was lovingly given to Chris and Jerry. That spectacular quilt will be on display at the show.
Wendy Brackman of Arkville, decided to meet the challenge of this year’s theme, “Two-Color” quilts. Wendy is a paper sculptor who over the last two years has transferred her original paper creations, which are exhibited as hanging mobiles into fabric, hence the quilt! At first Wendy thought she had created a whole new medium but has since realized that she has merely perfect a reverse appliqué technique. This happens often in the quilting world because quilting is an ancient art but one that is constantly evolving. Have you ever seen a quilt valued at $10,000? No, then come to the quilt show and see Wendy’s fabulous creation.

Theme category
Judy Brunn of Sharon Springs, a newly inducted member of the Catskill Mountain Quilters’ Hall of Fame, is showing two quilts which fit into the theme category of two-color quilts; one a red and white quilt and the other a double handled basket quilt. These along with many others are available for viewing during the show.
For additional information regarding the show, call Pat Cumming 607 326-7569. There is an admission charge of $3.