Grand Gorge meetings planned for intersection, C&D station law

By Trish Adams
Will a construction and demolition transfer facility be permitted in Grand Gorge? And will the busy intersection of Routes 23 and 30 in that hamlet ever be re-engineered? At its monthly meeting last Monday night, the Roxbury Town Board scheduled two public meetings to discuss those very issues.‚ÄÇ
Tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m., a representative of the State Department of Transportation (DOT) will be at the Grand Gorge Civic Center to meet with all interested residents to explain its proposed changes to the main intersection in Grand Gorge, a broad and busy convergence of two state highways. At the urging of state and local officials, the DOT has come up with a new intersection plan. It would include a four-way red light and better defined sidewalks and crosswalks. The DOT is unlikely to alter the plans, but the meeting, planned for 4 to 7 p.m., will allow residents to ask questions about the proposed re-design of the intersection. Town officials will consider residents’ views as they decide if the work should go forward. Any interested member of the public may attend and Grand Gorge residents concerned about the future of the intersection are urged to be there.
The Roxbury Town Board is also considering an ordinance to regulate construction and demolition (C & D) recycling facilities, in light of a recent proposal to build one in Grand Gorge. At 7 p.m. on Monday, April 14 at the Grand Gorge Civic Center (immediately prior to the regular Roxbury town meeting), the town board will hold a public hearing on a draft ordinance prepared by Town Attorney Kevin Young.
The town law would create a detailed application process for such facilities. Although C&D transfer stations are also regulated by the DEC, Roxbury’s ordinance would cover additional issues of local health and safety, such as odor, security, operating practices, visual impacts and fire hazards. The hearing is open to everyone and copies of the draft ordinance are available at the Roxbury Town Hall.
Both the hearing and the April Town Meeting will take place at the Grand Gorge Civic Center.