GOP needs to change


To The Editor:
First, I am a Republican, well most of the time. However, as long as the GOP locks out mass numbers of people with its policies on women’s rights, religion, gays, Latinos, preaching of tax cuts for every ill, and people in the metro inner cities, the party is good as dead.
This is the new America demographics. It’s just a fact that was proven in this election. They must change or die on the vine. . It’s a whole new game. There needs to be a tremendous purge of people and policies that no longer resonate with the American people and a move to the center, not far right.

Mitt made really one big mistake. He was not his own man and should have told the party when he won the nomination to follow his lead to move the party in a more sane direction or get out of his way. He is rethinking that right now I am sure.

To my Democratic friends, I do not think Obama is a bad president; just one with the wrong skill set for what now ails the county. He will now get my full support as the people have spoken.
I feel really bad for Mitt though, very sad. I think he would have been an historically great president if he had run his own race on his own true beliefs and willingness to compromise and move to the center.

I had worked with Mormons in my past business career. They were the hardest working results oriented people I ever encounter. Mitt, even with his awkward exterior, would have found his stride and helped change the Republican Party and this county for the better.  Now he will fade away as some obscure figure in history.

Mike Tanner,