Getting what you deserve


To The Editor:
The Obama administration is being forced to back off its plan to bomb yet another defenseless Third World country, in this case Syria. It is a tremendous setback for the Pentagon’s Dogs of War. Our Washington/New York/Hollywood axis ruling class has been stymied since it is being increasingly opposed domestically but even more so internationally. No one will now take on the war mongers running the USA directly, but lots of small and not-so-small coalitions, combined with the continued growth of The Tea Party, the Internet and the Social Media has, over time, created an effective opposition to our government’s policies of wars without end. That opposition reached fruition for the first time in the almost unanimous global voice demanding that Washington not launch a military attack against Syria for using gas against its own people.
But listen, my friends, was it not the USA that first led the way in the use of chemical weapons? Was not Vietnam saturated with Agent Orange and now thousands of our ex-servicemen will suffer health issues, because of their use, for the rest of their lives? Was not depleted uranium and white phosphorus routinely used against Iraquis? Did not the Clinton regime celebrate its early days in office by gassing women and children at the Branch Dividians in Waco, Texas, as part of the extermination of that sect in early 1993? Washington, they name is hypocrite. Take a look in the mirror and see for yourself what you have now become.
Using your predatory two-party Democratic/Republican con-game as your front man, you have squandered our nation’s financial resources in fighting unwinnable wars, sent our sons overseas to be slaughtered in your endless foreign adventures, and now you have established a secret Police State (NSA) to spy upon us – this is your “democracy?” What ever happened to that glorious “Land of the Free and Home of the Brace” we all loved so much? Washington, you have stolen it from us. In its place, you have allowed the Bush and Obama regimes to launch one criminal war of aggression after another since the destruction of the World Trade Center which, as everyone knows, was first aided and then abetted, by your continued and unending support for the policies of “Our best friend in the Middle East.” With a “friend” like that – who needs enemies?
Notable now is that the anti-war a movement in our nation is now dominated by non-leftists. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Bushanan and Ted Cruz are among the best-known Tea Party spokesmen. What we do know for sure is that the US government, along with its alien-owned and controlled mass media, whose lies and propaganda are being used daily against us, don’t give a tinkers damn what Middle America thinks. In the case of Syria, the system simply regurgitated the same old simplistic lies that worked so well against Iraq. Our ruling elites are very more out of touch with the average Americans, people they detest and fear. What’s encouraging is that many Americans have now moved on since 9/11, growing, learning, thinking, analyzing – moving on in the direction of The Tea Party, while the old two-party establishment is still stuck in the last century (remembering 1938 Munich) time warp view of the world. Our government has squandered almost all of the tremendous good will America has earned over much if its history, and is now widely mistrusted and even hated by so many, everywhere. My friends, if you voted for either Bush or Obama, don’t complain. You are now getting everything you deserve from Washington.

E.O. England,