Gary Rosa has my vote


To The Editor:
This letter is for county residents not living in the Town of Middletown.
Here in the Town of Middletown, we have been blessed with Gary Rosa as one of our town justices for the last 20 years. Ask yourself what would make a good county judge?  

My guess some of the qualities you would want are fairness, open minded, knowledge of the laws, the ability to listen to both sides of a case and a respect of all parties involved.  Well, if these are some of the same qualities you would look for in a county judge, and then I just described Gary Rosa.  

Whether in private practice or the role of town justice, Gary has built a solid reputation of honest straightforward interpretation of the law.  

As for his personality, many local residents know that when they need legal advice or a friend that can point them in the right direction, Gary Rosa is there.
 I’m sure that Mr. Becker has tried to do the best job he could as county judge.  However, it’s time for a new set of ears and eyes at this important county level.

Middletown may be losing a dedicated town justice but the county residents should benefit from this man’s knowledge also.  That’s why, on Election Day, Gary Rosa has my vote, and hopefully yours too.

Henry Friedman,