Fruit stand boundaries among concerns at Bovina town meeting

By Cheryl Petersen
A large crowd of Bovina residents filled the chairs in the warm Community Center during the town’s regular meeting.
Privilege of the floor was granted to Steve Burnett, owner of Burnett Farms. Steve told everyone he and his wife have a well-designed fruit stand near their farm that is apparently on town property and has been viewed by other residents as a liability to the town.
A discussion ensued between residents, however Supervisor Tina Molé stopped the topic from further debate and moved on with town business. “The topic can be brought up again during Community Concerns,” said Molé.
Vouchers were approved to be paid. “The highway voucher of $188,818.55 is high because it includes bills related to the Bovina bridge repair work,” said Molé. Ed Weber was appointed to the planning board and Gary Robson was appointed to the Board of Assessment review. John Virga was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals.
Ed Weber, highway superintendent reported, “The guard rails on the Bovina bridge have been moved to the appropriate height. Delaware County still needs yet to certify the bridge. One more bill of $35,000 will be issued to the town after the certification.”

Machinery updates
The chipper recently purchased by the town has been delivered to the shop. “It’s in good shape,” said Weber. “The chipper can take up to 12-inch wood and we’ve been shown how to operate it.”
The Mack truck however needs a transfer case, “It could cost between $15,000 and $20,000,” said Weber. “The Mack also needs a dump body which would increase the cost of repairs to $35,000.” Council discussion concluded that Weber should look for a used truck through the military government outlet and scrape the Mack. “We could probably get $5,000 through salvaging the truck,” added Weber. Fortunately, the town has four big trucks and a pickup and is able to keep up with the plowing and sanding without the Mack.
“The pickup truck lost its extended warranty, however Country Club reinstated the warranty,” said Weber.

Community Hall equipment
Council Gerald Wright broached the topic of equipping the Community Hall kitchen with basic utensils. He requested a volunteer to make a list detailing the pieces of equipment that would be best to acquire so more activities can be held at the center. “We have this nice community kitchen we should have plates and silverware,” said Wright.
Supervisor Tina Molé handed to the council copies of a report from the Code Officer, Dale Downin. It was mentioned that the board would like a little more detail on the report, such as cost of building permits and whether or not the fees were current or projected. Council Ken Brown confirmed that this was also the wish of the Planning Board.

Council Evelyn Stewart said last year’s annual financial report is still being worked on. Tina Molé offered to pay $100 to the Delaware County Fair for the 5K and 10K Run instead of using town funds. Council Mark Rossley reported that a leak at the pump station was fixed. Also, at the transfer station, rules are being enforced in that people leaving waste must have a sticker on the vehicle window.
During community concerns, Chuck McIntosh spoke on his behalf in regard to the claim that Burnett Farm Stand is on town property. He gave a copy of a map and survey to the board for their review. Supervisor Molé will take the issue to the assessor and attorney.