French dessert cooking class at RAG

Don’t have lunch on Saturday, July 12. Come to The Roxbury Arts Group at noon and participate in a French Dessert Cooking class with Flora Hogman. You will learn how to make crepes, and to flip them in the pan. You will also make cherry clafouti and flambéed bananas. Then you get to eat everything up.
Class size is very limited. $25. Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult. 607 326-7908
Flora Hogman grew up in southern France and now lives in New York City and Downsville. She has kept and developed her love for French cooking as an avocation (she is a psychologist by profession) and has informally taught French cooking to children on and off for years. Her specialty is mostly desserts, although she has other dishes in her repertory as well; her most popular dish is crepes, which she teaches her eager students to fling up in the air and back into the pan.
She loves to cook with adults as well as children. She has taught adult ed at NYU. She loves the history of food and delights in trying new and old dishes with her guests.