Free financial seminars for Chamber members

Delhi — The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce will be holding free to chamber members, “Business Survival in Delaware County.” Chamber members Steve McCarthy and Chris Gaddis will discuss the state of our current economy. “This is a two-part seminar,” stated Mary Beth Silano, executive director of the county chamber. “I’m grateful to have members who are offering their expertise to try and help fellow members during these hard economic times,” Silano continued.
The first part of this series will be held on March 26 at the Delaware County eCenter conference room from 7 to 9 p.m. Chamber member Steve McCarthy will advise on the current economy, money and the stimulus and bank packages in how these will affect your business. “Using proper budgeting, cash flow management and credit can be the difference between a success and failure of a small business. We need to prepare ourselves to maintain and hopefully grow our businesses during these hard economic times,” stated Steve McCarthy.
Part two will be held on April 9, 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Delaware County eCenter conference room. Chamber member Chris Gaddis will take you to the next level and share with you “Financing the Small Business; Investing and a Succession Plan.” “During these hard times it is imperative for an individual or business owner to stay calm and don’t do anything rash with their investments,” states chamber member Chris Gaddis. We will be discussing various choices a business owner has to choose from to find financing, types of investments and strategies as well as how to value your business.
Seating is limited. Seminars are free to Delaware County Chamber members; $20 charge for nonmembers. If you wish to attend, please call Mary Beth Silano, executive director, at 607 746-2281.