Former President and Sen. Clinton were Emerson Resort & Spa guests

Former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton spent part of their August vacation at the Emerson Resort and Spa on August 12 and took time out of their visit to meet local residents and hear concerns about a number of local issues. Meeting with Emerson partners Dean and Lynn Gitter, the Clintons were delighted to share stories about everything from foreign travel to Kentucky, a state the senator appreciated during spring presidential primaries.
The couple arrived at the Mount Tremper Resort late in the afternoon Tuesday, according to General Manager Ron Van Warmer.
“It was an incredible honor to be able to serve the Clintons, and we worked hard to protect their privacy while they were here,” he said.
“But our staff and our other hotel guests all found both the Clintons to be very warm, open and approachable and it was really great fun serving them,” he added.
VanWarmer noted that the Clintons were enjoying several days in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain region and that both seemed relaxed and in good spirits during their stay.
“The Clintons did what most of us do on vacation which is to relax and have a good time” added VanWarmer. “We’re glad they were able to enjoy all of the facilities we offer here at the Emerson and delighted that they took time out for tours of all of our buildings and grounds.”
After Wednesday morning breakfast at the Phoenix Restaurant, Senator Clinton and the former president took time for photos with staff members and other guests, signed autographs and chatted before departing.
The Emerson Resort & Spa was the first spa outside of New York City to earn a Mobil 4-Star rating.