Former Covidien worker tied to drug sales


Staff report
A 33-year-old Davenport man was arrested January 22 on felony charges stemming from his alleged sale of narcotics taken from the Covidien plant in Hobart.

Jason M. Wilsey was arrested on a sealed indictment from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department charging him with a First-Degree A-1 felony offense of Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance. He is accused of selling more than two ounces of Oxycodone on December 21, 2012.

Worked at plant
Sheriff’s investigators said that Mr. Wilsey was employed at Covidien manufacturing facility at the time of the alleged narcotics sale. Oxycodone powder is manufactured by at the Hobart plant. The drug is an active ingredient utilized in the production of prescription pain medication.

The Sheriff’s Department indicated that Mr. Wilsey’s arrest followed an investigation of nearly two years to determine the source and sale of pharmaceutical Oxycodone powder in Otsego, Delaware and surrounding counties. The drugs had been sold locally since approximately 2010, sheriff’s department officials said in a press release.

Other local ties
Investigators allege that Mr. Wilsey had provided approximately five ounces of Oxycodone powder that was seized during the execution of a Search Warrant at the residence of his half-brother, Robert J. Wilsey last December 21. Robert J. Wilsey was charged with the class A-II felony offense of Second-Degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.

The investigation findings also allege that Jason Wilsey was a source providing Oxycodone powder that was distributed by Dante Major of Hobart. Mr. Major was sentenced last week to 55 years to life in prison and was fined $260,000 for his alleged involvement as a major drug trafficker in the region. He was found guilty of four felony drug-related charges.