Food program is beneficiary of fund-raiser

Pine Hill — Friends of the Central Catskills are being asked to help raise funds for the community meal and food distribution program while enjoying a Sunday brunch in the beautiful and elegant Peekamoose Restaurant on Route 28, Big Indian.
The Peekamoose will host the fundraiser to benefit the Pine Hill Region Community Supper and Food Distribution Program at the Community Center.  The $25 brunch, which will be Sunday, May 17 from noon-2 p.m., includes choices for each of three courses.  Dishes will have the signature mark of Peekamoose elegance, and will include coffee.  If you’d like to attend you must make an advance reservation with the Peekamoose by calling 254-6500. 
For more information about the food program itself, call 254-5304 and speak to Eve or David Smith, or call the Center at 254 5469.