Fleischmanns flood relief fundraiser set for Sunday

By Jay Braman Jr.
The Village of Fleischmanns was hit hard by flooding caused by Tropical Storm Irene and weeks after the water subsided the village continues to struggle with expenses wrought by the flood.
And so, on Sunday, Oct. 9 from 1 to 4 p.m. an old-fashioned fund-raiser will be held to raise some money for the village.

Nothing fancy. The event will not take place in some posh eatery or mansion, but right on the Main Street parking lot, which was itself underwater a month ago.

The menu is simple. For $10, you can get a burger or a hot dog and some coleslaw or potato salad plus a brew or soda to wash it down with.

The money, all of it, will go to the village and its fire department for general flood relief for local residents.

All the money collected will pass through the MARK Project, said Mayor Dave Morell Tuesday.
“They have a fund set up already that people can contribute to,” he said. Morell adds that while MARK’s fund will benefit the entire region, those who donate can specify where their contribution will be used, and Morrell said that all proceeds from Sunday’s fund-raiser would be earmarked for Fleischmanns.

Morell said it remains unclear just how much the storm’s damage cost the village and its fire department, which lost a tanker during the flood, because some reimbursements are expected. However, the mayor knows full well not to count any chickens before they hatch. “I’m optimistic,” he said.

That said, he noted that insurance might not cover the loss of that fire department tanker.
Also the party, which will feature live music, will be a time to help put the flood behind and move on, and act as a collective thank you card to all those that worked to defend the village, then rebuild it.

Organizer Paula DeSimone said, “This is a moment to acknowledge and thank the many first responders and volunteers, who have been working to protect our lives, protect our properties, assist with relief efforts, restore services, and shore up our community.”

The MARK Project is accepting applications for flood relief for both individuals and families. The local community revitalization organization has been running full bore since disastrous flooding struck Arkville, Fleischmanns, Margaretville and other local hamlets on August 28 and it now has several avenues of help available. Learn more by calling 586-3500 or check online at www.markproject.org.