Feb. 17, 2010: Hospital staff a valuable asset


As a second homeowner, I spend as much time as I can in the Catskill Mountains. During a recent visit, I became ill with symptoms so severe that I called my doctor in Manhattan. Her recommendation was to go to the nearest Emergency Room. I immediately rushed to get emergency care at Margaretville Hospital, a mere ten minutes drive from my home.

Prepared for a long delay in the Emergency Room, as we normally experience in New York City hospitals, I was surprised and delighted to find the wait at Margaretville was non-existent. The nursing staff and physician’s assistant team who first saw me were unbelievably talented and capable. I felt immediate relief as they took control of the situation with complete competence and professionalism.

The staff and Emergency Room physician diagnosed my condition and I was admitted for a two-night stay. The experience was one that I hope I will never repeat, but I felt exceedingly grateful that we are blessed to have Margaretville Hospital as a resource for our community.

For nearly nine years, my husband and I drove past Margaretville Hospital most weekends and felt only a cursory connection to it. A few years ago, I began to learn more about the hospital and the services it provides the community. During this past year, I volunteered my time and services by joining the Hospital Foundation Board and have recently become Chair of the Foundation. We are trying to establish an ongoing well-endowed financial resource that supports the needs and mission of Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center.

I now have a fresh outlook and bring a new vigor to this endeavor. It is my pleasure to repay the staff and physicians for their hard work by working just as hard to make sure everyone in our area knows we have a great hospital and that this Foundation is essential to sustaining the quality services it provides.

Trust me when I say, the health care system in our country may be troubled, but in Margaretville it is alive and well. Thanks to the staff at Margaretville Hospital, so am I.

Heather Brighton
Halcottsville and
New York, NY